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Ramphos Dynamics is a turn-key contracts / technology integrator founded in October 2013. The main share capital owner is the construction company STIRIXIS TEXNIKI SA.

STIRIXIS TECHNIKI SA is certified from the Hellenic Ministry for the Environment, Physical Planning & Public Works as a Class 4 State Contractor for Building – Industrial & Energy – Electromechanical – Hydraulic and Road projects. Since its formation, STIRIXIS TECHNIKI SA has completed several important projects in all the above areas, but also in the private sector, especially in the hotel building and renovation industry. STIRIXIS TECHNIKI SA is registered as a certified NATO contractor and possess an ISO 9001:2008 Certification.

Since the purpose of Ramphos Dynamics and consequently its organization strategically primarily targets at the areas of Defense, HLS and Aerospace (in the broadest sense), the individual goals of all directorates are also focusing at those specific areas. The acquired extensive and in depth knowledge and experience of the shareholders, which are directly involved with the operations of Ramphos Dynamics, and the validity and reference of the STIRIXIS TECHNIKI SA ensure success in achieving the objectives.


To act as a turn-key contracts / technology integrator and provide third parties (public or private) goods and services in the field of technology, administration, defense, homeland security, civil aviation and airports (including waterways), virtual reality and simulation, oil and gas exploration, environment and energy.


Ramphos Dynamics has been ISO 9001:2008 certified since March 5th 2014. Application Field: “R&D, Study, Design, Trade, Integration, Maintenance, Sustainment and Training for defense and homeland security systems, aviation, energy, environment, infrastructure and ΙΤ applications”.