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The main objectives of Ramphos Dynamics is to act as a turn-key contracts / technology integrator and provide third parties (public or private) goods and services in the field of technology, administration, defense, homeland security, civil aviation and airports (including waterways), virtual reality and simulation, oil and gas exploration, environment and energy.

In the organization of Ramphos Dynamics pc, except of the supportive services that are necessary to ensure the smooth and orderly functioning, has been created three directorates. Specifically they are: A. The Directorate of Defense, Aerospace and HLS (Homeland Security), B. The Directorate of Virtual Reality, Simulation and R&D (Research and Development) and C. The Directorate of Infrastructure, Energy and Environment.


Ramphos Dynamics provides aerospace, aviation and air operations solutions. We can support critical military and commercial aviation needs with end-to-end professional and technical support services. Ramphos Dynamics partners with many industry-leading OEMs to provide our customers with the highest standard of spares support possible.

We can help maintain secure, functioning and resilient critical infrastructure — including assets, networks and systems. We provide services to government and commercial organizations for reducing vulnerabilities, minimize consequences, identify and disrupt threats, and hasten response and recovery efforts related to critical infrastructure. From products and services that promote situational awareness, command and control and remote system operation to sensors, analytics and tracking, Ramphos Dynamics can offer a full range of security services.


Ramphos Dynamics can create realistic simulations, which provide hands-on training from the safety of a virtual world. Each trainee can be immersed to a custom virtual environment, learning how to react in technical and operational challenges and situations without facing the risks of actually being exposed to threats.

The virtual environments provide flexible, cost-effective exercises that enhance proficiencies of every domain. These immersive sessions improve both performance and results, which can reduce meeting, travel and training costs by bringing distributed end-users together in one virtual world.

The Directorate of Virtual Reality, Simulation and R&D (Research and Development) is also coordinating the R&D efforts of Ramphos Dynamics in the fields of ICT, Security, Transport and Energy under the Horizon 2020 EU R&D framework.


Ramphos Dynamics, as a subsidiary of STIRIXIS TECNIKI SA which is active in the construction market since 1997, uses the extensive experience and know-how of STIRIXIS TECHNIKI SA and is capable to provide turn-key solutions for complex facilities such as ports, airports, wind and solar farms etc. In the avionics sector, we provide turn-key solutions for a variety of needs, such as Landing Systems, Navigation Services and Air Traffic Management Solutions for both commercial and military customers.

In the energy sector, Ramphos Dynamics is capable to provide complete solutions for the transportation, distribution and management of oil & gas, water and electricity. In addition to designing state-of-the-art monitoring & control systems, the company offers interactive business applications such as real-time modeling, demand forecasting, leak detection and location, transaction management and optimisation.